Hello There, my name is Cathie Tonkins and I am exploring my creativity…

I moved to California in the early 1960’s.

I was a music major at San Diego State.

I love to play Classical Guitar, I love to listen to Medieval music, Celtic, and Heavy metal.

I love Computers (when I am not being frustrated by them, I really wanted them to scramble eggs).

I am doing my best to BE an Artist.

I love to write and sketch in my journal, compose music, create art quilts, work in the family business Brokering house plants to large retail chains, I love my husband of 40+ years, my three children and my fur babies, Tippi Chantey, Daisy and Buster!

These are a few things I am interested in…

Interest 1 – My Family

Interest 2 – Art

Interest 3 – Quilting

Interest 4 – Music

Interest 5 – Computers

Interest 6 – My Cat and Dogs

Autos – I traded in a Chevy Suburban for a Honda Civic. The best decision I ever made. I traded 12 MPG for 33 MPG. Good gas mileage is a rule. What was the choice? Ah, but now the kid took my Civic, and we needed a truck for the business, so I now drive a Honda Ridgeline, tough and classy! But Wait, Now my DH wants the Truck!!! So he got me a BMW 328i Convertible, hardtop, well I am really classy now!! I will have to live with 26 MPG! Ahh Shucks…Not as “Green” as I would like, I am waiting for the return of the eclectic car.

Travel – I love to travel. One day when I can retire. I will be able to Trot the Globe. Until then I will just dream….

Investing and Money – I have a great securities firm that will take care of my money or abscond with it. It remains to be seen. Well, as it turns out the Security Firm messed up and lost a large percentage as the stock markets tanked! Bought some real estate and we haven’t hit bottom yet. hmmm… Maybe lining the mattresses with gold would be an idea…