• To The Victor
    The sea is black with oil Red blood flows on the sad To the victor go the spoils Of the ruined land.
  • Trees
    Trees, the standing people. Leaves falling to the earth creating a snug winter blanket
  • Kaaba
    Ancient building of Abraham Cube enfolded in black open to the heavens
  • OB Pier
    Ocean pier calm sea summer sun fishing poles
  • Guess What?
    I was looking through, everything I knew, to find a few, of the forsaken ones.
  • Fishing
    Fishing is waiting. Fishing is stillness and being in a beautiful place.

A Few Of My Favorite Quotes:

“Remember… Ginger Rogers could do everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.”

“Before that sudden journey, no one is wiser in thought than he needs to be, in considering, before his departure, what will be adjudged to his soul, of good or evil, after his death-day.”
— Bede’s Death Song (d.735) 

“May I deal with Honor. May I act with Courage. May I achieve Humility.” —Dick Francis

Today’s Quote
“Man is what he reads.”
Joseph Brodsky

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