Circle Of Life

The Circle of my life

Moves around too fast

In youth,

Lazy revolution.

First turns of adulthood

Believing you can choose

The tempo, the tambour.

Then the circle turns,

To progeny,

For payables and receivables.

One foot before the other

The feet step,

On the circles path

Too quickly,

Not for me any more

And yes,

For me always.

The Circle’s song is mine

To sing,

To harmonize.

Then tacit,

A fermata of silence.

Helping other circles to sing

I become deaf

To my circle’s song.

Yet in my head there is an echo

Of a song.

Stepping in rhythm

With another soul.

A cannon? A motet?

A chaconne? A passacaglia?

I am wandering

Round the circle.

I feel like I stepped out

Became an observer

No, I am the participant.

I hear the song of the circle,


On the wind,

My life.

I hear a challenge,

“Step into the circle”

“Key the circle

with your song”.

Accept the challenge

“step into the circle”

“and dance….”

By Cathie Tonkins, December 1990

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