The standing people

Leaves falling to the earth

Creating a snug winter blanket

To swaddle the feet

Firmly connected and

Sheltered by Mother Earth

Shedding all trappings

Of green bliss

Of red and yellow vanity

Shedding the hands

That brought nourishment

Baring all down to the core

Giving up all, but the soul

Confident in the connection

To Mother Earth

Enfolded in the bosom

Of creativity and warmth

Prepared for the season of dreaming

Of introspection and cleansing

Knowing that a new beginning

A rebirth is immanent

Knowing that the blood of

New life will course through

The essence, the core laid bare

Birthing new growth

And potential

Trees are brave and faithful souls

Grounded in the knowing

Full cycle, life-death-life

Shed the outer layers

To be unfettered

To begin anew

By Cathie Tonkins, 10/12/08

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